Oxoniensia is the annual journal of Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society (OAHS). It is one of the foremost archaeological, architectural, and local history journals in the country. It includes excavation reports, surveys of buildings and standing structures, and articles on the history and topography of Oxford and Oxfordshire. The year's volume is generally published towards the end of the year. Oxoniensia is a refereed journal.

Oxfordshire Past

This enjoyable annual event in the Oxfordshire calendar is for anyone interested in history, buildings and archaeology. Stalls and exhibits are open throughout the day and there is a full programme of talks.

British Association for Local History (BALH)

BALH is the national charity which promotes local history and serves local historians by publishings both The Local Historian, a quarterly journal, and Local History News, a topical magazine. BALH also publishes books and pamphlets on local history, organises regular guided visits to archives, libraries, museums and other places of interest and commissions a prestigious annual lecture.

Banbury Historical Society (BHS)

BHS was founded in 1958 by a group of local historians to encourage research into the local history of Banbury town and its hinterland.

Oxford Archaeological Society (OAS)

The Oxford Archaeological Society is an organisation which aims to provide students, alumni and enthusiasts who share a passion for archaeology with a platform to discuss and learn about the subject.

Oxfordshire Buildings Trust

The Trust, which was set up in 1981, has restored or helped restore a number of historic buildings. It also offers grant aid and advice, and campaigns on heritage and conservation issues.

Oxfordshire Family History Society

The Society was founded in 1976 to encourage and promote the study of Family History. The Society caters for those with Oxfordshire or North Berkshire ancestry as well as those who live locally but with ancestors from elsewhere.

Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA)

OLHA is for everyone interested in the history of the county. Fostering and promoting the study and publication of local history and acts as an umbrella organisation for local history groups, of which there are more than 80 in Oxfordshire. Also campaigns to preserve and improve services for Oxfordshire local historians.

Oxfordshire Record Society

The Society was founded in 1919 and its objectives are to publish transcripts, abstracts and lists of the primary sources for the history of the county of Oxfordshire and generally to encourage interest in archives relating to Oxfordshire. (The website address has changed to a new location but will continue to work.)

Berkshire Local History Association (BLHA)

BLHA was founded in 1976 to encourage interest in local history in the county, both before and after the 1974 boundary changes. This includes education and training, research, and publication. It provides a common meeting-ground for individual members, the various local history societies and groups within the county, and the professionals working in archives, museums, and education.